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He Chameleon

He Chameleon is above all a drummer. But this Swiss multi-instrumentalist also plays almost every other instrument on his records. Fred Chappuis, his real name, has been concocting progressive music since 2015, and being a sound engineer,


Flutatious are a feisty, celtic, psy-folk, prog band blending soaring melodic flute, flying fiddle, spacey guitars and groovy beats! They have built up an incredible reputation with their live performances and self produced albums and are constantly

D Project

It was in 2006 that the singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist Stéphane Desbiens and author Francis Roy founded D Project. The first album « Shimmering Lights » evoked a mix of different music styles; progressive rock, classical, metal including

Fernando Perdomo

Fernando PERDOMO is a powerhouse of the LA music scene who lives and breathes music and The LA Weekly dubbed as “The millennial answer to Todd Rundgren”. Fernando is a product of the eclectic record collection he

Project 7

Project 7 is the vision of guitarist/bassist/composer Dan Begelman, a world class musician with a passion for composing, recording and performing progressive instrumental rock music. Having recorded three albums with reviews drawing comparisons to both Jeff Beck

Sonar Lights

Sonar Lights are a rock trio from Fort Worth (Texas, USA) whose sound is an unapologetic punch in the face for fans of early heavy metal and late 70s/early 80s progressive rock. Their mighty, crunchy guitar riffs

Grill – The Eternal Presence

Inventive Rock band GRILL captivate audiences with their technical prowess and diverse sound. Grill are an innovative Prog-rock band from Sydney, Australia whose live performance bravado and improvised grooves intrigue fans at every show. Their debut album

Calling by Stuckfish

Stuckfish is the 2017 collaboration of two musician friends; singer-songwriter, Philip Stuckey, (Judas Rising, VOTV, Black Sedan, Overkill) and guitarist/composer/producer, Adrian Fisher, (Heavy Load, VOTV, Tony Liddle, Thrust, Overkill).​ Together they have created an album of 10

The Dame Band

A new Dame has moved into town! The sexy version of progressive rock. She is sensual, feminine, and smooth… that is, until the guitars start roaring. The Dame will take you back to the romantic era of

Electric Mud

The Deconstruction of Light Where Post-Progressive-Rock, Kosmische Musik and Krautrock figure in a magic clay… After the release of the former albums, mud-mastermind Hagen Bretschneider received miscellaneous sound files from people all over the world, who played